Rare Triumphs tarot

An alternative old-style tarot deck drawing on variant images and themes and ideas from the early history of tarot.

The Rare Triumphs (full 78-card pack) are SOLD OUT. A "trumps only" edition was available, now also SOLD OUT.

Read a longer presentation about the background and creation of the Rare Triumphs cards here. Also with lots of pictures of the cards.

Ace, Queen, Love and Fortune

Ace, Queen, Love and Fortune

See the cards in use. Rare Triumphs on instagram: #raretriumphs and #raretriumphstarot

Watch on film. Here is Youtube playlist with some video presentations of the Rare Triumphs tarot (followed also by some videos about the original Pike and Clover cards).

Specs for the Rare Triumphs cards:

78 tarot cards plus four bonus cards; Hand-drawn artwork on every card; Two-way borderless back design; Poker size (approx 2.5" x 3.5"); Cards printed by Cartamundi, slimline stock, B9, linen; Custom tuck boxes. The cards are not cellophaned. A printed sheet of 22 verses is also included in the box.

All the trumps