The Inglewood Hunting Deck

A new edition of these cards is now available here.

The Inglewood Hunting Deck is a newly created deck of playing cards featuring watercolour artwork by Ian Cumpstey.

The deck is inspired by the luxury hand-painted playing cards of late-medieval Germany, in particular the 15th century Stuttgart and Ambras hunting decks.

The cards have four thirteen-card suits: hawks, hounds, pheasants, and deer. Each of the number cards has a scene featuring the appropriate number of animals. There are banner tens, and the usual royalty (Jack, Queen, and King). The cards have corner indices and a two-ended back design. Two bonus Joker / ad cards are also included.

The Inglewood Hunting Deck features:

  • 54 unique bridge-sized playing cards
  • A print of hand-painted watercolour artwork on every card
  • Double-ended back design
  • 310 gsm card stock with linen finish
  • Custom tuck box
  • Printed by MPC

The Inglewood Hunting Deck is SOLD OUT.